Tzama Nafshi is an international Kehilla that began at the turn of the new millennium. It's comprised of Balei Batim, Yungerleit, and Bochurim who embody the Kehilla's mehaleich of a seamless blend of niglas hatorah and pneemiyus hatorah.

Their fusion of Moiach and Leiv create the ideal approach to Torah learning and avodas Hashem so complete connection is experienced.




Based out of Yerushalayim and Monsey, New York - where daily learning, chavrusas, and tefillos take place - Kehilas Tzama Nafshi is led by Rabbi Yeruchum Goldwasser who has lived in Yerushalayim for the past 21 years were he learns, writes sefarim, and delivers daily shiurim.






Rabbi Tzvi Reich is an integral part of the Kehilla, where he delivers shiurim on halacha, gemara and pneemiyus hatorah and also conducts special chaburas on contemporary topics.

The Kehilla's unique focus on spiritual growth in the beis medrash, at the workplace, and in the home, creates a well-rounded and balanced approach to avodas Hashem.